For a typical Trust with an income of £300m, DScribe would be looking to achieve cost savings in excess of £2m per annum

The government and the Department of Health have stressed that the drive to make £20bn of efficiency savings in England by 2015 should not prompt Trusts to cut services provided to patients. Within a matter of weeks, we have made a considerable contribution to their CIP and without the Trust having to consider capital outlay, or costs (even hidden ones) for software, implementation, training, integration, annual maintenance, support, or upgrades. Trusts just pay for the service they use.

It is known to take an efficient typist a standard of five hours to type one hour of dictation. Whatever pay grade, every secretary takes three hours longer to type one hour of dictation, making that extra time more or less expensive to the Trust, depending on the FTE’s pay grade.

From a time and motion study of 52 secretaries in four departments in a Trust and using statistics from our workflow, we noted an average number of dictations the 52 FTEs handled in a year was 2313 (and 18,560 hours typing time). Based on the findings above, this totalled 7,000 inefficient hours/annum which equates to £85,000 in cost. Typing in the accepted efficiency timeframe would save each Trust approximately £85,000 per annum, making salary payments to that team £200,000 rather than £285,000.