Paperless NHS

The quest for a ‘Paperless NHS’ is ongoing and is designed to save the NHS billions of pounds. DScribe offers that solution now, with fast and easy implementation, no software or additional hardware purchase necessary and all letters despatched entirely electronically. All reporting is managed online; ad hoc reports can be downloaded at any time.

The Department of Health wants the NHS to be paperless by 2018 – a move that would mean the public would have online access to their health records and that crucial health information would be computerised and available to healthcare providers immediately. What this means for the patient is that their care would be more efficient, safer and faster.

DScribe has been ahead of the ‘paperless agenda’, enabling departments within Trusts to conduct their clinical correspondence entirely electronically, long before it was mentioned by the Department of Health. Since ‘paperless’, ‘clinic letter turnaround times’‘QUIP and CQUIN targets’ have been commonly bandied about as concepts, Trusts are now looking at best practice in their own hospital departments as well as in other Trusts, and are inviting us to talk to them. Trusts are saving £2m a year just by using DScribe to handle their clinical administration with no capital outlay and no risk.

The solutions we provide:

  • By going paperless, there is less requirement for consumables and equipment – paper, printers, inks and postage, and energy