Efficiency Improvement

DScribe can help NHS Trusts significantly improve efficiency in the production of clinical letters. With outsourced transcription, DScribe provides guaranteed turnaround times of 24 hours or less and delivers all rapid files requested within 4 hours. This consistent, top quality, accurate service delivery enables the elimination of clinical letter backlogs and delays in the production of clinical letters.

DScribe provides accurate out-of-the-box speech recognition without the need to train user speech profiles. Clinical letters can be dictated, edited and dispatched within minutes.

The solutions we provide:

  • Fully integrated digital dictation platform - integrated with EPR, managed mail and other solutions
  • Speech recognition - front-end or background speech recognition
  • Mobile dictation solutions - enabling dictation from any location, for use with speech recognition or outsourced transcription
  • Increase secretarial productivity by eliminating the need to print, fold and post clinic letters
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the need to print and store clinic letters in patient records – automatically saved to EPR
  • Transparent reporting and invoicing