Benefits of DScribe

Why choose DScribe? Many healthcare providers are aware that targets can be achieved more easily and significant efficiencies and savings made, but are unclear as to how to achieve this. DScribe’s toolkit of combined speech recognition, digital dictation and outsourced transcription enables healthcare providers to achieve these objectives. DScribe delivers cost savings, efficiency improvements, flexible and resilient workflow, paperless NHS, with full-time and reliable support. Our charges are the most competitive in the market.

The benefits of DScribe are multiple, including but not limited to:

DScribe could potentially save your Trust millions of pounds with the zero software cost model – you only pay for the cost of speech recognition licences and transcription, where these software and service solutions are required. Forget charges for upgrades or system enhancements, for software, implementation, training, support, consultancy, integration or software modifications - DScribe offers a comprehensive package with no hidden costs.

NHS problems that we address
  • - Reduce fixed costs through greater efficiency for the most direct and positive effect on budget
  • - Eliminate the need for temporary secretarial resources
  • - Automate paperless clinical document workflow from dictation to dispatch

DScribe’s team have more than 10 years of providing these services to NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers. DScribe’s toolkit is based around what is required by you, the customer; and first-class customer service goes hand in hand with this. Each DScribe customer is managed by a dedicated client manager and has guaranteed full time on-premise support during implementation, and regular on-site and remote support thereafter. Our pro-active customer support team has dedicated local management teams, including a clinician-led system design team, implementation support teams, transcription service teams and a customer care team. Each are specially trained in their fields to create a combined network of customer support.

DScribe will help your Trust greatly improve efficiency. We offer a guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours or less and deliver all rapid files requested within 4 hours. This consistent, top quality, accurate delivery, combined with easily-accessed reports, eliminates delays in production of clinical letters.

The solutions we provide:
  • - Reduce turnaround time
  • - Increase secretarial productivity by eliminating the need to print, fold and post clinic letters
  • - Increase productivity by eliminating the need to print and store clinic letters in patient records
  • - automated links with EPR, easy document search within EPR

The project for a ‘Paperless NHS’ is ongoing and is designed to save the NHS billions of pounds. DScribe offers that solution now, with fast and easy implementation, no software or additional hardware purchase necessary and all letters despatched electronically. All reporting is managed online; ad hoc reports can be downloaded at any time.

DScribe has been well ahead of the paperless agenda, enabling departments within Trusts to manage their clinical correspondence electronically since 2011.

The solutions we provide:

- By going paperless, there is less requirement for consumables and equipment such as paper, printers, and ink