What makes us different

No capital outlay, no annual costs for support and no hidden charges. Our implementation time is also delivered without a charge. We charge only for speech recognition licensing and transcription processing.

We do not believe that many Trusts have the additional resource to pay for expensive software trials, or require the disruption that a new implementation of a complicated project brings. We also think that Trusts should see a speedy rate of return for their investment that is visible and auditable. We believe that trusts just want to ensure that their patients are kept safe (and their confidential data 100% secure), that letters are delivered on time, that their letter backlogs are eliminated and that they comply with Government regulation.

We have a fundamental principle in our approach in implementing a DScribe solution – we will do whatever it takes to make sure the Trust has what was promised, that it will deliver immediate results and that the Trust benefits as much financially as much as in every other way.