Why choose DScribe?

DScribe offers not just a tool, but the entire toolkit – from the digital recorders to the software that manages transcription and the supporting technical team.

With speech recognition, outsourcing transcription and the clinical correspondence system which handles all aspects of doctors’ letters, our interface is completely online and remote, hosted locally or on the cloud. IG certified, building strong foundations, we keep up to date on all new IG certifications that come out.

We do not believe that many Trusts have the additional resource to pay for expensive software trials, or should suffer the disruption that a new implementation of a complicated project could potentially bring. Trusts should see a speedy rate of return for their investment that is visible and auditable. We believe that Trusts just want to ensure that their patients are kept safe (and their confidential data 100% secure), that letters are delivered on time, that their letter backlogs are eliminated and that they comply with Government regulation.