How it works

DScribe is a provider of superior digital dictation systems, speech recognition and outsourced transcription services designed specifically for the NHS.

We have developed our own specialist software for use in NHS trusts; all our transcription is carried out internally and is not outsourced to third party providers.

Trusts benefit from an immediate and significant cost reduction to their clinical administrations services when they choose DScribe, as well as benefitting from process efficiencies that improve patient care.

Our strength is in our knowledge of how hospitals work, our speed and ability to flex with the needs of the Trust’s working practices; the software is written and owned by us, the ability to offer this and our expertise free to Trusts.

Our Support

DScribe’s Implementation methodology is flexible and is tailored to suit each NHS Trust’s objectives. We use results-based methodology designed to help Trusts to:

  • make significant contributions to their CIP targets
  • take account of CQUIN targets
  • improve efficiencies and patient well being in line with the NHS QIPP agenda.

We work with each Trust, providing the required resources to ensure that each implementation is successful. Our implementation time is not chargeable; Trusts do not have to worry about curtailing our implementation services due to budget constraints. Our fundamental principle of our approach to implementations is to ensure each Trust has a sound, effective and beneficial implementation.

Our Services

  • The DScribe system and software is simple to use; training is quick and subsequent problems with users’ knowledge of the system and software are very rare. The final training that all staff will undergo incorporates CubeScribe processes and the Trust’s new processes.
  • DScribe trains the project team and provides training covering each phase of the implementation. DScribe supports the Prince 2 methodology of ‘Train the Trainer’, enabling selected members of NHS staff to be able to train new members of staff and provide a point of reference to other departments starting later.
  • DScribe provides full training to all users including administration, managers, authors and typists within each department. Training workshops involve individual and group sessions within each department, generally lasting between 30 and 45 minutes. User Guides are distributed and contact names and details are given to staff so they can immediately get assistance when required.
  • Whilst it is difficult to organise large-scale multi-department training sessions within NHS Trusts because of NHS staff commitments we generally find small-scale training sessions are more effective, with fewer requests for repeat sessions. All training documents and video training sessions are available at and on the Trust intranet.