Clinic List Management

DScribe integrates with Trust Patient Administration Systems (PAS), which enables our Clinic List Management solution to benefit clinicians who like to see their clinic lists on screen together with any past

correspondence related to each patient. The appointment information displayed is configurable and access to clinics can be restricted to ensure clinicians can only access the clinics relevant to their role.

After a consultation, the clinician selects a patient appointment and starts dictating. The dictation will be automatically associated with that patient’s demographics, meaning that since there is no need to re-input that data, the wrong patient cannot receive the wrong correspondence.

Benefits of using the DScribe Clinic List Management System:

  • Patients who opt-in to receive their letters via email or via a repository, eliminating in-house printing, folding and posting costs
  • Automated retrieval of patient information reduces the risk associated with human error
  • Automated population of patient information reduces time and increases efficiency
  • Clinicians’ ability to retrieve previous patient letters electronically helps keep the clinician fully informed of previous diagnoses, leading to better patient care
  • Clinicians can review and use clinic lists electronically – eliminating the need to print
  • Reduces patient complaints and increases satisfaction
  • Unlike analogue where several letters are tied to one tape / secretary, digital files can be distributed to several secretaries and therefore workflow can be balanced
  • For those patients that ‘opt-in’, clinic letters can be sent to them electronically – reducing the need to print and post.

Cube Modules Required:

  • Clinic Lists
  • Digital Dictation
  • Letter Storage & Retrieval
  • PAS / EPR Integration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Administration Management

Support Required:

  • Implementation
  • Training

Services Required:

  • Training
  • Integration