Clinic Letter Management

Cube functionality manages the production, authorisation, dispatch and filing of clinical correspondence. Transcription can be completed by:

  • In-house secretaries
  • DScribe speech recognition
  • DScribe outsourced transcription service

…..or any combination of the three.

We have an efficient online functionality that provides productivity monitoring and user-defined criteria to monitor production – regardless of whether the transcription has been processed through internal typing, outsourced transcription or speech recognition. The Control Panel application provides fast access to real-time information that is useful to detect possible workflow bottlenecks. The administrative drill-down reports provide granular and real-time visibility into the workflows and status of dictation processing at all levels – whether the files are being processed in-house or outsourced.

Experts in software, we provide all the Digital Dictation, Letter Templates, Review & Approve, Electronic Dispatch, Letter Storage & Retrieval, PAS / EPR Integration, Advanced Reporting, Administration Management and Speech Recognition.

Using DScribe Clinic Letter Management, Trusts can:

  • Control, monitor and balance the typing staff and document production workload from a single, simple Control Panel
  • Assign, remove and re-assign or outsource documentation workflow on a minute-by-minute basis throughout the working day, as circumstances require
  • Assign and balance work between office locations to maximise productivity and to level unexpected or peak workloads
  • Supplement in-house staff whenever needed, with 24/7 outsourced transcription staff, so that the turnaround of work never suffers
  • Create, control and manage work pools based on availability of resources and their specialties and expertise.