Transcription Service

Providing transcription to NHS Trusts is our core business. DScribe have been experts in this field since 2004. We transcribe the full range of medical specialties and are able to handle the entire document output of NHS Trusts.

We organise transcribers in teams to cover the work of the same departments – and the same medical specialties across Trusts.

The standard turnaround time provided by DScribe is 24 hours; our workflow and organisation is geared to meeting this as a standard target for all clients – which meets the tight timescale required by most Trusts who have to comply with the 5-day CQUIN turnaround targets for dispatching documents to patients and GPs. However, some Trusts work on more aggressive timescales and wish to dispatch documents within 48 hours of being transcribed. We enable Trusts to meet this requirement.

We also provide a faster turnaround service for a number of clients, returning documents within 4 hours or another period as requested (for example, by 9.00am the following morning) for urgent transcription. Trusts work with their appointed DScribe Client Liaison Manager to manage this kind of request.