Speech Recognition

For those Trusts who wish to complement their internal typing or outsourced transcription service with speech recognition technology, we offer both client-side and server-side speech recognition.

Our solution, ‘Cube Speech’, is based on the Recognosco Medical Global Solution, built around Microsoft’s voice technology software, the most robust on the market today.

Cube Speech is a fully integrated hosted solution that runs on Trust servers or can be run on our servers with the N3 network. As a hosted solution, there is no requirement to upgrade any of the Trust’s PCs.

It is important for Trusts to realise that Speech Recognition does not replace medical secretarial staff. It is a solution that works best in certain environments and departments such as Histopathology and Radiology. It does not work well in all departments nor for all clinicians. We strongly recommend a gradual approach to the introduction of speech recognition in NHS Trusts, ensuring the best possible success rate and control of costs. Trusts should expect (with current speech recognition technology) to achieve the take-up rate of between 25% and 30% of all clinicians. DScribe offers a free consultation service on how and how best to implement a Speech Recognition solution – contact us to book a meeting to discuss this and how to make Speech Recognition work for you.