Managed Administration

Where Trusts like to consider outsourcing all or part of their clinic administration, DScribe provides a Managed Service solution for the outsourced management of all administration.

, secretarial and clerical services for all clinics and departments within an NHS Trust. These services include:

  • Telephone answering services (including all enquiry handling)
  • Registration of patients
  • Booking of appointments and sending of appointment letters
  • Creation of clinic lists and integration with hospital EPR
  • Booking of procedures
  • Creation of theatre lists
  • Management of on-site staff
  • Online approval of transcribed documentation by consultants
  • Electronic signature of documents by consultants
  • Automated letter production and electronic distribution (via NHS Net and outsourced printing)
  • Integration with PAS/EPR
  • Production and automated distribution of discharge summaries
  • Meeting all document production targets (CQUIN etc) consistently

An off-site processing unit for each NHS Trust is managed by a specialist from our Services team. Management of A&C and secretarial functions would be devolved to the DScribe services team and a service manager would be appointed for that NHS Trust. The service manager would be responsible for managing off-site services and any remaining on-site staff to create a fully integrated on-site and offsite solution.

Service delivery targets:

  • 90% of calls answered within 25 seconds
  • New patients: 90% registered within 24 hours of receipt of referral
  • All appointments arranged within 24 hours of receipt of referral or instruction
  • Creation of clinic lists 48 hours in advance of clinic
  • Booking of 95% of procedures within 24 hours of receipt of consultant instruction
  • Creation of theatre lists 48 hours in advance
  • All outsourced transcriptions returned within 4 hours to 24 hours
  • 95% of letters authorised electronically within one working day of receipt (ie., 95% of letters dispatched within 2 days of dictation)
  • Immediate, automated input and integration of demographic and patient data
  • Immediate, automated printing and/or electronic distribution of clinic letters

On-site headcount is reduced by:

  • Removing as much activity as possible on the NHS site, to be carried out remotely by DScribe
  • Re-aligning remaining on-site activity and allocating appropriate staff for the remaining responsibilities.
  • Automating of all processes, such as production of clinic lists, data integration and document creation and distribution
  • Processing of all clinical typing through outsourcing and speech recognition

Potential savings and efficiencies:

  • Reduction in headcount on site by 80% to 90%
  • Consequent reduction in the need for office space
  • Reduction in overheads and fixed costs
  • Delivery of administration, clerical and secretarial services for a fixed fee
  • More efficient clinic management
  • Improved patient experience