Benefits of using DScribe Solutions

We are the only supplier which can deliver Referral Management, Digital Dictation, Clinical Correspondence, Speech Recognition and Outsourced Transcription as a true fully...

integrated solution.

We focus on the NHS Acute, Mental Health and Community Trusts. Our solutions, services and products are not diluted by having to cover different verticals such as legal, nor different geographies such as USA. Any supplier developing functionally have to make sure it firs different markets and geographies and thus diluting functionality, expanding timescales to market and reducing share of development budget.

We have a ZERO COST MODEL – there is no cost to the Trust for software, services, integration, support, and upgrades. The Trust only pays for the cost of transcription.

Our technical expertise is renowned for integrating Trust systems and we are only one of two suppliers who have NHS ITK accreditation for Clinical Correspondence.

Cube is a browser-based solution that eliminates the need to set up the solution on individual computers. Wherever a Trust has a computer that is connected to their servers then Cube can be accessed. This makes it easy for mobile clinicians to access their letters for review and authorisation. It also saves considerable time when updating the system.