Account Management Support

Each NHS Trust account is supported by a dedicated DScribe manager responsible for day-to-day liaison with the Trust and the maintenance of turnaround times and quality.

The account manager can be contacted 8 AM to 8 PM by telephone, e-mail or MSN. All issues raised receive an immediate response from the designated DScribe account manager.

We also provide on-site customer support service to deal with training and software issues, with a maximum response time of 24 hours. Our customer service representatives make regular on-site visits to each of our NHS customers, either to obtain feedback or dealing with other matters. Feedback surveys are of great assistance in ensuring clients communicate any quality concerns to us. Some customers run short departmental sessions where we can get feedback directly from groups of managers and medical secretaries. The completed survey forms are then sent to the appropriate account manager with a copy to the Director responsible for maintaining workflow and quality standards. Taken together, these measures provide us with a good degree of personal contact with the departments and familiarity with their requirements and any problems that arise. We share the results of feedback surveys with our customers.