Cost Savings

DScribe could potentially save your Trust millions of pounds with the zero software cost model – you only pay for the cost of transcription and speech recognition licences. Forget costs for upgrades or system enhancements, for software, implementation, training, support, consultancy, integration or software modifications as DScribe offers a comprehensive package to ensure there are no hidden costs. The solutions we provide:

Improving NHS administration efficiency

  • Reduce fixed costs through greater efficiency for the most direct and positive effect on budget
  • Eliminate the need for temporary secretarial resources
  • Automate paperless clinical document workflow from dictation to dispatch

The Department of Health have stressed that the drive to make £20bn of efficiency savings in England should not prompt Trusts to cut services provided to patients. Within a matter of weeks, DScribe will make a considerable contribution to Trust's CIP without the Trust having to consider substantial capital outlay for software, implementation, training, integration, annual maintenance, support, or upgrades. 



The average 25-line letter sent out by an NHS Trust typically costs £7. By sending the dictations to DScribe for outsourced transcription, this falls to less than £1.00 per letter. 

We have many more examples of cost savings which we can share. Unless you are a DScribe customer already – you could be saving much more on your costs for digital dictation, speech recognition and outsourcing. We are happy to supply our cost model to Trusts who are interested in doing their own analysis (at no charge) and you can request it here.
Alternatively you can contact us and we can undertake this work on your behalf.

  • - Eliminate the need for secretarial overtime to address letter backlogs
  • - Eliminate the need to hire temporary bank staff to cover for absent or vacant positions
  • - Eliminate in-house printing, folding and posting costs by sending correspondence via NHS-mail or sending correspondence via a third-party print & post solution
  • - CQUIN Payments are not lost for missing document turnaround time
  • - Eliminate pure typist tasks, leaving medical secretaries to perform other tasks apart from clinical typing - clinician support, assistance with EPR and other administrative functions
  • - Eliminate the need to use capital budget to procure clinical correspondence software
  • - Eliminate the need to pay for software implementation and training
  • - Eliminate the need to pay for software integration for clinical correspondence systems into Trust EPR